Craftmatic History

It was the year 1974, and the company started selling electric beds in the United States. The Craftmatic Bed was a new concept during that time, and like anything new, the development didn’t come easy. People wanted more comfort, some wanted better relaxation, but would they be open to a new, untraditional kind of bed?

Due to the astounding discovery that the flat bed may not be the optimal bed to support the human body, Craftmatic Bed’s innovative features created a buzz in the consumer arena.

With 1001 positions, including ‘Zero G’ and Flat position, plus a relaxing massage, this Adjustable Sleep System boasts technological prowess. From providing support to the body’s natural contours to alleviating medical conditions, Craftmatic has proven its worth since its first release. The Craftmatic Sleep System offers surprising benefits that an ordinary bed can’t offer – an ordinary bed does not even come close.

Craftmatic Locations

In New Zealand
In 2004, Craftmatic Pty Ltd started selling quality adjustable beds in Queensland and has now expanded in New Zealand. Craftmatic is famous for providing unrivalled standard of service to customers, making it easy for consumers to recognise and trust the brand.

In Australia
The Craftmatic era in bedding started in 1974. Since then, our line of adjustable beds became so popular that it quickly spread across Australia. Craftmatic Adjustable Beds have, since, been available nationwide due to the large market demand for extraordinary, therapeutic beds.

Craftmatic Today

From the time Craftmatic beds initially rolled off the production line, its success continues to reach new heights and has become the leader in sales of adjustable beds. Today, Craftmatic has a major warehouse in New Zealand and Australia’s major cities, such as Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. Our Craftmatic Adjustable Sleep Systems have benefited over 1 million people across the globe by giving them a good night’s sleep! Since 1974 to the present, consumers continue to depend on Craftmatic’s quality of products, company integrity, excellent service, and value for money.

Craftmatic Pty Ltd Community Involvement

Craftmatic is a renowned adjustable bed company that provides numerous benefits promoting comfortable and more restful sleep. For about 40 years, Craftmatic Pty Ltd has become a household brand in the adjustable bed industry. Craftmatic company first began marketing adjustable beds in the United States and moved across borders, capturing a wider market.

Other Charitable Works

Acknowledged by the community, social outreach programs have become more and more extensive as time goes by. Craftmatic Australia has extended support to the Wishes for Children Foundation Inc and Peduli Anak Foundation in helping street, orphan, abused, and under-privileged children.Other outreach programs include providing 60 new quality mattresses to the Victorian bushfire appeal for use by victims who lost everything in the tragedy.Such endeavors are in line with Craftmatic’s commitment in giving comfort to millions. And this commitment does not end with providing quality adjustable beds, but also involves social responsibility.