Craftmatic Bed: Benefits of Soothing Massage Options

old age sleepingIf Your Doctor Recommends That You Sleep Or Rest With Your Feet Or Upper Body Elevated then a Craftmatic Bed May Be The Only Bed For You

For centuries medical science has recognized the beneficial and relaxing effects of massage. For this reason, doctors told us to have a carefully designed massage feature incorporated into our beds with easy use. And so we did.

So now our Adjustable Beds with our patented massage delivery system may temporarily alleviate your following health concerns:

* Minor Aches And Pains Due To Muscular Fatigue Or Over Exertion
* Low Back Pain
* Water Retention Or Swelling Of The Legs
* Poor Local Blood Circulation of the legs
* Inflammation Of Joints And Muscles
* Gastric Reflux/Night Time Heartburn
* Mild Rheumatism
* Mild Arthritis
* Stress and tension
* Muscle Pain Associated With Stress And Tension
* Asthma
* Neuralgia
* Sliding Hiatus Hernia

For all the conditions above you can now happily and confidently pick up your hand control, get into position that you need temporarily to remove your symptoms for and enjoy :

* TV watching
* Reading
* Doing needlepoint
* Chatting on the phone
* Working a crossword
* Accessing the internet on your laptop
* Doing paperwork
* Eating breakfast in bed
* Having a midnight snack

Sleeping Feels Enjoyable Again!

Adjustable beds with massage functions may contribute to the therapeutic benefits experienced by many of our customers.

Imagine going to bed at the end of a long, hard day’s work and having the bed gently cocoon every part of your tired body with warmth and relaxing waves of massage that melt away your pain and tension…

Of course, you wouldn’t just want to sleep in your adjustable bed. Because an adjustable bed allows you to sit or lie in various positions, you can now do all of your favourite activities effortlessly in bed… such as:

* Watch TV without any back strain
* Read for hours on end with less fatigue or strain
* Do fine needlework or embroidery in a comfortable position
* Surf the Internet or work comfortably on your laptop with less strain allowing more hours of work
* Have breakfast in bed
* ..and many more!

Relax, and enjoy your home time!