Craftmatic Bed Testimonials

Hear From Satisfied Users Of The Craftmatic Bed System

A Craftmatic Bed is the ultimate solution for a good night’s sleep and over 1 million happy customers can attest to the many health benefits of Craftmatic® Bed Sleep System.We receive weekly reviews from a variety of sources, predominantly our customers sending us in letters and online testimonials. Once we have received these, we send back out a testimonial release form, obtaining full publication permit.

A Craftmatic Adjustable Bed fulfills the desire of many for optimum rest and relaxation, coupled with some luxury even at an affordable cost. Read and hear what our customers have to say about their Craftmatic bed:

With my Craftmatic I’m sleeping better, I’m better during the day,
I can’t wait to get back in it at night, and what better recommendation
can I make than that? It’s really improved my
lifestyle and it can do it for you too.

When you get off the bed after massage, you feel real
good… You feel like jumping over the moon.

After sleeping on my Craftmatic Bed,
I would never ever go back to a normal bed again.

With the added feature of the body massage, I found it very
relaxing after working all day and
it helps to give me a very good night’s sleep.

Yeah I, I sleep much better. And I sleep comfortable,
I sleep without… they help me with the
pain and I love that bed very much.

One of the best things I like about it is the massage
unit. I do a lot of sports during the day and they’re
pretty physical and to come home and put the massage on,
it just takes the edge off and it’s a really
good way to fall asleep.

Yes the Craftmatic bed did change my life because I sleep better
and because I sleep better I can function better during the
day and if you’re thinking about sleep or you have pain or
you want to relax during the night, I recommend the Craftmatic Bed.

I find it, with the adjustable foot pad on that bed makes it
nice and comfortable way to sleep.

I wish to inform you, I think the bed is one of the best things I acquired. I’m sure without it I would have died a few months ago. The bed has improved my health, and all my aches and pains are gone in about 15 minutes on the bed.– W. C. Pretty

Marvelous for Bad backs! I used to have to psyche myself up to face a really sharp pain every morning getting out of bed – now I don’t feel it anymore – don’t know why but it’s true!– Mr & Mrs Ashton, Burwood CCH
It’s wonderful to have a massage when the aches and pains are troublesome. Also fantastic being able to adjust positioning of the bed when watching TV or reading.– Ms Hasthorpe, Southside QLD

I can get up without back pain in the morning. I feel very strongly that flat beds are bad for you and that all beds should be adjustable.– Ms Clyne, Belmore NSW

There is no denying that a Craftmatic Bed may do wonders to your health and lifestyle. Get your own copy of our Sleep Report for FREE!