How to Sleep Better and Longer

Do you wake up feeling tired and sore despite 8 hours of sleep every night? The problem may not be caused by your mattress but by your bed!

If you spent thousands of dollars on pillows or mattresses and still suffer from…
* Lower back pain

* Aches and pains after waking up in the morning

* Uncomfortable water retention or swelling of the legs

* Poor blood circulation, leading to cold hands, feet or numbness during sleep

* Hiatus hernia

* Night time heartburn

* Insomnia or poor quality sleep (tossing and turning all night)

You may be sleeping on the wrong kind of bed! Read on to find out why…

Flat Bed vs. Craftmatic Adjustable Bed[/blue]

World-renowned Dr. Willibald Nagler, Professor Emeritus of Rehabilitation Medicine at Weill-Cornell Medical College, once said that an adjustable bed is a “simple solution” to many of the health problems listed above.

If you have not heard of or slept in an adjustable bed before… read this article carefully to learn how an adjustable bed can make a big difference to your life.

Why Flat Beds Hurt

layingBecause your legs are curved and your spine is “S” shaped, flat beds create gaps where your legs and spine are not supported.It’s a physiological fact that muscles in use are in a state of tension. When you are forced to hold your head up, stretch your legs and spine, support your arms and legs, and move your body yourself to change your position (or improvise contoured support with pillows as you must do in a flat bed), your muscles stay in tension. That is why when you lie on your back in a flat bed, you have to constantly move your body to stay comfortable.

side sleepingEven turning onto your side doesn’t help for long, because lying on your side eventually cuts off blood circulation, hampers breathing, and gravity exerts disturbing downward pressure on your internal organs. Thus you turn again, because the flat surface you are sleeping on is actually causing your curved body pain and forcing your muscles to stay in tension.
When asleep, you unconsciously move into one position after another to escape this pain and tension, but since your bed is flat and can’t conform to your body’s curves, you toss and turn all night long. A good night’s sleep is difficult to achieve on a flat bed!

Flat Beds Can Be Harmful To Your Health!

Most people who wake up feeling tired or with body aches do not blame their BEDS for their problems. Instead, we have been led to believe that our mattress (or pillow) is the cause of our sleep problems. Part of the reason for this myth is the hundreds of millions of advertising dollars spent by mattress companies each year… persuading you to change to a newer mattress.

But as Dr. Willibald Nagler points out from his years of clinical experience, sleeping on flat beds can be hazardous to your health! That’s because flat beds do not properly support the contours of your body… no matter what kind of mattress you use!

When sleeping on a flat bed, there are numerous “non-supported gaps” that create discomfort in your body. No one has a completely straight body. Our legs are naturally curved and our spine curves gently in an S-shape. So why should anyone torture themselves unnecessarily by sleeping on a flat surface?

This is the reason why we often toss and turn in bed. When you sleep on a flat surface, you have to constantly make minor adjustments to your sleeping posture in order to stay comfortable.

Sleeping on a flat surface requires our muscles to be in a constant state of tension. When some of these muscles get tired, we automatically “switch” to another sleeping position to relax them… which is why we have to change sleep positions many times a night. This is usually not a problem until our bodies get older and movement becomes more difficult, making us more susceptible to muscular or joint aches and pains.

How About A Bed That Fully Supports Your Body?

The solution to this problem of flat beds is a bed that completely moulds to the contours of your own body and gently cocoons you as you sleep.

Since each person’s body is different, there is no “one size fits all” solution. A good adjustable bed allows an individual to make fine adjustments to the level of elevation or reclination of the head and leg rest… allowing for hundreds of possible sleeping positions!

If you have ever sat in a reclining lounge chair and loved how relaxing it felt… now you can bring that same level of comfort to your sleep with an adjustable bed. The various therapeutic benefits of adjustable beds are the reason why they are used in hospitals and nursing homes all over the world.

The secret to adjustable beds lie in their motorized controls: Each bed comes equipped with several heavy-duty, quiet electric motors that incline or recline the bed into the desired position. These motors and wiring are well-hidden beneath the mattress, so all you see is a normal plush bed that fits nicely into any bedroom.

Absolutely no physical strength is needed to adjust or position the bed at all – Simply use the fully automatic remote control to move the bed into your desired position. On a quality adjustable bed, you can even store preset positions and ease into them at the touch of a button!